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Summary of the story

Neak Klahan Dav Pikheart is a Chinese drama movie released in March of 2017. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Liang Jing. The story follows the Dong family, who are struggling to make ends meet after the death of Dong Wenjin. Dong Zhen, Dong Xiaohua, and their youngest daughter, Dong Ying, work together to find a way to support themselves. Dong Ying falls in love with a boy from a wealthy family, but he is not interested in her. Dong Zhen and Dong Xiaohua help Dong Ying find a new job and a new home, but they are not able to give her the...

Neak Klahan Dav Pikheart - 34 End

Neak Klahan Dav Pikheart - 34 End

Status Completed
Quality HD
Release December 31, 2022
Censor Censored
Movie Type Chinese Drama
Duration 30 min
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