Summary of the story

" Sai Roong" speaks of recollections and the loyal love of a youthful woman named Maythinee for a man whose name she calls out whenever she dares to feel, for her nut, Pak, who failed in a auto accident after her mama forced her to write him a bifurcation letter. Her nut is gone and the recollections of the history, no matter how beautiful, can't comeback.All Maythinee can do is drown herself in alcohol and try to forget. And maybe also endure the heartache of suddenly seeing her dead nut's face in another man. still, it's unknown to her that the man with her dead nut's face is indeed her dead nut, Pak, who's still alive and living under a new name, Ponsithon. While Pak had loved her, Ponsithon is still burning in the dears of treason until his only desire is to get vengeance. Sai Roong, meaning Rainbow, speaks of recollections and life assignments. It shows the value of love and prayer. Because no matter where the end of the rainbow is, and no matter how out of reach it may be. for the passions that are so dear to the heart, travelling till the end is nothing hard at all.

Entnu Pre Poar-28End

Entnu Pre Poar-28End

Quality HD
Release December 15, 2023
Censor Censored
Movie Type Thai Drama
Duration 30 min
Upload By Phumi Drama
Suport Admin [ABA] 000 789 625

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