Summary of the story

Srinuan is the son of the vill foreman of Laantey, Ayudhaya. She's extremely beautiful and blessed in martial trades. These rates lead to a nonstop line of men who are always willing to win the heart of Srinuan. One of these suitors is Saming. Lersun, a military pimp and son of the governor, decides to one day trip to Laantey during his academy break. This is where he happens to see Srinuan for the first time while she's performing the traditional cotillion . It's love at first sight. This love is soon recompensed and both Lersun and Srinuan snappily lose themselves to the depths of love and passion. ultimately, academy break comes to an end and Lersun has to go return. Before he leaves, he promises Srinuan that he'll return and marry her. Unfortunately, upon his return, Lersun gets into an accident and loses his recollections fully forgetting about Srinuan. In Bangkok, his mama arranges a marriage between him and Sroipetch who's the son of another prominent figure. Meanwhile, Srinuan also travels to Bangkok in order to meet her nut. Upon her appearance, she's faced with the heartache of Lersun carrying as if he doesn't know her and returns back to Laantey, agonized. Twenty times pass and Lersun becomes a deputy manager. He also has a son and a son with Sroipetch. Srinuan, on the other hand, also has a son called Dao who's just as beautiful and talented as her mama .

Komnum Chheam Komheung Songseuk-23Ep

Komnum Chheam Komheung Songseuk-23Ep

Quality HD
Release June 20, 2024
Censor Censored
Movie Type Thai Drama
Duration 30 min
Upload By Phumi Drama
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