Summary of the story

Ployrampa, a noble woman falls in love with Pakin, a youthful man fated to have a retired spirit in his body. Once he is 25 times-old, he'll be partial- mortal, partial- barracuda. As a deadly beast, he is chased by nimrods, especially the unlawful vill foreman Kongdate who wants the magic in his body. Ployrampa and Pakin love each other without fear, but the only way for them to truly be together is if he is completely mortal again. Will Pakin survive all the evil nimrods chasing after him? What is the verity about his birth and the barracuda spirit?

Komheung Preay Kla-29Eng

Komheung Preay Kla-29Eng

Quality HD
Release November 18, 2023
Censor Censored
Movie Type Thai Drama
Duration 30 min
Upload By Phumi Drama
Suport Admin [ABA] 000 789 625

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