Summary of the story

Because of her mama 's pledge, she must come back and take care of him. Kulthida, a Thai- American with a high Command, is transferred to Thailand for six months to be the maid for Rawit — a companion who has left his life remain in remains — and also take care of his sonRamil.However, Kulthida will fail to be the director of the company Made to Your Home, which has always been a dream of hers, If she's unfit to successfully complete this task. Her charge is not only taking care of father and son, but also taking care of the means of the Phiphatphong family which has led the family to be divided and fiercely competitive for plutocrat and property.

Nak Bomrer  HaiSo-17Ep

Nak Bomrer HaiSo-17Ep

Quality HD
Release December 04, 2023
Censor Censored
Movie Type Thai Drama
Duration 30 min
Upload By Phumi Drama
Suport Admin [ABA] 000 789 625

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