Summary of the story

A specialist from a respectable family and a young lady with an unrevealed past—will they ever drop in adore in the midst of a battle against sedate trafficking? Kind, liberal and dedicated Kwanruetai is the girl of M.L Maratee Dhevaprom, whose entire being is in sincere for her mother’s cherish and endorsement. She meets youthful military doctor—Major Dr. M.L Chatklao Juthathep, whereas on obligation in the northern territory of Thailand where they are caught in the throes of threat due to groups and medicate wars. Chatklao falls in cherish with Kwanruetai but she is clashed given their families’ long-standing offense. Her mother is dead-set against Kwanruetai’s sentiment with Chatklao as his father M.R. Phutthiphat had mortified her when he broke off their assurance to be wedded for another lady. Will Kwanruetai tune in to her heart; or are the Juthatheps and Dhevaproms fair not implied to be together?

Mjas Sne Doung Haratey-27End

Mjas Sne Doung Haratey-27End

Quality HD
Release June 08, 2024
Censor Censored
Movie Type Thai Drama
Duration 30 min
Upload By Phumi Drama
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