Summary of the story

Nueng inquired Anueng to act like nothing happened between them the night some time recently. The previous included that the last mentioned is fair something that makes her disregard approximately the terrible things. After Anueng cleared out crying, Nueng, as well, broke down in tears. Blank takes after the story of Khun Nueng, aka M.L. Sipakorn, who couldn’t be herself and never found anybody who was right for her. Not as it were that, but she has always confronted weight from her grandma. Things take a turn when Anueng enters Nueng’s life. The shinning and cheerful youthful young lady makes Nueng’s heart shudder like never some time recently. In any case, their travel to cherish is stuffed with obstacles since of the sixteen-year age contrast.

Chanlos Sne Bompenh Besdong-08Ep

Chanlos Sne Bompenh Besdong-08Ep

Quality HD
Release July 10, 2024
Censor Censored
Movie Type Thai Drama
Duration 30 min
Upload By Phumi Drama
Suport Admin [ABA] 000 789 625

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